Mobile Marketing Strategies For Your Business

mobile marketing strategies

What makes the mobile web and SEO marketing so effective for many companies is the fact that people are accessing the Web on their mobile phones. This helps overcome the challenge of people fearing making a purchase over a mobile device using an unknown Internet connection. If your company catches the individual’s fancy, they can quickly and easily make a call and make a purchase. This leads to the final trend, that of click-to-call functions.

Chick-to-call marketing makes this even more effective. This technology allows a company to place a tool right on their mobile site that allows the consumer to make a phone call with just one click.

Click-to-Call Beats Pay-Per-Click Hands Down

Marketers are no strangers to the pay-per-click advertising structure, made famous by Google’s Adwords campaigns. Yet, it seems today’s consumers are becoming immune to ads like these. They simply aren’t clicking as much as they once did.

When the Internet marketing giant when mobile, Google found a way to capitalize on the mobile technology at their disposal. They created ads that could be tapped to make a speed dialed call directly to the company being advertised. Thus, click-to-call was born. In early 2012 they were reporting 10 million calls a month using this structure.

Eliminating the Need to Pay Online

One problem facing marketers who are marketing through mobile devices is the fact that today’s consumers don’t want to make purchases on their mobile devices. When you are using a device on a network you don’t know, it makes sense that you would feel hesitant to brandish your credit card information. Click-to-call eliminates this need by allowing the consumer to make the purchase over the phone. It also allows the consumer to talk to a real person to get more information about whatever item he is considering purchasing before making a final decision.

Additionally, if you are using good search engine optimization strategies, it’s also possible to rank at the top of the mobile search results.  This also help build customer trust and they are more likely to purchase from you as well.  For best results contact a Boulder SEO company for more help with this type of marketing.

Proven Effectiveness with Top Companies

Many top companies have seen improvements in their marketing success with this trend. For example, 1-800-Flowers indicated that their customers were twice to three times as likely to call using the click-to-call advertising versus clicking on a computer ad. This makes sense when you consider the demographic that appeals most to 1-800-Flowers. Men are more likely to be using their mobile devices to search for a gift for their girlfriend, wife or mother, and the ability to choose an arrangement, call and make the purchase simply is appealing to this demographic. Other companies are noticing similar results. For instance, Comcast noticed a 270 percent increase in their click-through rates when they added this feature.

Click-to-call also is bringing an increase in sales. Consumers who have been researching on their mobile devices and have chosen to call by clicking the link are better targeted leads. In fact, one leading insurance company indicated that their marketing campaigns that included click-to-call capabilities had a greater likelihood of becoming a sale. In addition, they noticed a 25 percent growth in their bottom lines after implementing the technology.

These statistics show that click-to-call is effective. Today’s mobile marketers need to pay attention and devote some of their time and marketing dollars to increasing click-to-call advertising, particularly if they are in a field that would drive quite a few phoned-in orders. As you streamline your mobile marketing philosophy, make sure it includes click-to-call technology. You just might be surprised at the growing number of calls you receive when you do.

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